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Caoimhe Siobhan Dowling

The Royal Danish Academy
/ 2019—21

This garment gains its inspiration from the study of the sack dress, an original line that Cristóbal Balenciaga worked on in the 1950s which introduced loose and comfortable dresses that contrasted with the tight-fitting silhouettes that prevailed at the time. The student translates the concept of "The Space in Between" to her design, using a contemporary perspective. She focuses on the body and its representation, exploring the possibilities for the space of the clothed body to create new design narratives.

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The arms

“I wanted to create a silhouette that was different from every angle. In some places, it embraces the feminine silhouette, and in others, it uses internal structures to create a distortion from what the eye expects: a space in between”.

For the construction of her outfit, she was inspired by the techniques used in the House of Balenciaga. In this sense, the two distorted inner arms stand out, inspired by the importance of the arm for Balenciaga when it comes to generating, maintaining or directing the shape of his creations.